Our Desk Mats Vs. Standard Desk Mats - How They Stack Up

Our Desk Mats Vs. Standard Desk Mats - How They Stack Up

Desk organisation is an integral part of doing your best work. A good quality desk mat is a great way in helping you be organised and mindful of what’s on your desk, while also enhancing the overall look and feel of your workspace. 

Listed below are a few advantages in choosing our Wireless Charging Desk Mats over a standard desk mat.

  • Materials
    • Standard Desk Mats - Most of the standard desk mats are made from a low grade plastic that is extremely thin. This makes them more susceptible to excessive wear and tear, rendering them useless after a short period of use.
    • Our Desk Mats - Our Desk Mats feature the highest quality vegan leather and measure in at twice the thickness of most standard desk mats. These materials have been put through tough measures and have proved to stand the test of time.


  • Mat Design & Construction
    • Standard Desk Mats - Often poorly constructed with a lack of thoughtful user-end design elements.
    • Our Desk Mats - Our Desk Mat is designed with the professional in mind. We put the time and care in throughout the design and painstaking manufacturing process, which is reflected in each and every desk mat we ship. 


  • Built In Wireless Charging 
    • Standard Desk Mats - No wireless charging capabilities.
    • Our Desk Mats - Our Wireless Charging Desk Mats incorporate Qi Standard wireless charging, allowing for a truly minimal and clean workspace. This minimises the clutter on your desk by eliminating the need for a loose cable or stand alone wireless charging device.

In summary; our Desk Mats are of the highest quality and made to the highest of standards.