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Why Should I Use a Desk Mat?

Why a Desk Mat? - This is a question that we get asked frequently here at So why should you use a Desk Mat and what are the benefits of having one as a part of your workspace setup? 

If we look at desk essentials, they often include at least a few of the following - a phone, a mouse pad, a coaster for a drink, a wireless charging device or an annoying loose charging cable. It all becomes slightly overwhelming, especially when trying to meet a tight deadline, finish writing that essay or simply trying to get work done to the best possible standard.

Here are a few reasons why using a Desk Mat, specifically one of our Wireless Charging Desk Mats, can be beneficial when incorporated into a workspace:

  • Desk Protection - A Desk Mat prevents scratches, stains, pen depressions and other additional damage to a desktop.
  • Desk Organisation - A Desk Mat helps define a workspace by clearing space on a desktop, helping to remove unnecessary clutter and distractions whilst boosting the users productivity.
  • Desk Ergonomics - A Desk Mat can limit fatigue by providing a soft padded surface for forearms and wrists to lay on whilst using a keyboard and mouse.
  • Enhanced Desk Surface - A Desk Mat provides a smoother writing surface, helps a keyboard stay in position and gives a mouse greater usability whilst protecting it from excessive wear underneath.
  • Workspace Aesthetics - A Desk Mat can greatly enhance the overall look and style of a workspace.
  • Desk Functionality - Our Wireless Charging Desk Mats possess additional functionality to regular Desk Mats with their built-in Wireless Charger.

Our Wireless Charging Desk Mats are best-in-class. They have been carefully designed with increased functionality whilst maintaining all the advantages and benefits of a regular Desk Mat. We currently offer our Mats in two colour ways; Midnight Black and Shadow Grey which retail at $129.95 AUD. Try our state-of-the-art Wireless Charging Desk Mats today.